Why Become A Lawyer?

Students both in high school and college take this time in their life to figure out what path they should follow to start their career.  The first step to become a lawyer is asking yourself “Why become a lawyer?”  Is it because you want to make a lot of money or how about the thrill of exercising a clients legal rights through our justice program?  Regardless of your reason it’s important to remind yourself through the journey why you chose to become a lawyer.  A lot of education and determination is needed and this reason alone may be the motivation to get you through it.

Some common answers to “Why Become A Lawyer”

I talked to many attorneys and aspiring lawyers and asked them why they wanted to become attorneys.  I wanted to share some quotes.  You will note that these responses are from individuals practicing all sorts of law.

  • Make a difference in someones life that was wrongfully accused.
  • Defense innocent and wrongfully charged individuals.
  • Help out people in bad family relationships and legally get family time w/ members if this right was taken away.
  • Formally get people ready to start their own businesses.
  • Be able to give people the financial freedom to start their lives over again.
  • Help expunge records for bad decisions made many years ago.
  • Provide services to children going through rough times in their life.

Everyone has their own reasons for answering the questions “why” but its nice to see what motivated certain individuals to take a leap and become lawyers.  Your reasoning’s are unique to yourself but you will always want to answer the question “Why become a lawyer?”


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