What Degree Do You Need To Become A Lawyer?

People ask all the time what degrees do you need to become a lawyer? The quick answer to this question is a Juris Doctorate degree that you receive for graduating law school. Before anyone can go to law school it is necessary that an individual first graduate with from high school and then go on to graduate from a four year university. While no specific four year university degree is required to become a lawyer the following degrees are recommended for people looking to become lawyers.

  • Pre-Law
  • Political Science
  • Communications

If you know that you would like to become a corporate lawyer it may even be to your benefit to either major (or minor) in business or economics.  However, as stated above these are only suggested degrees that could help make the transition to law school easier.  Law schools do not encourage one pre-law school degree over another.  Focus on getting really good grades, participating in extracurricular (legal clubs?) and scoring high on your LSAT test.  These are things law schools use when determining who to accept each year.

Remember that each law school is mapped out by state here at how-to-become-a-lawyer.com.  In addition to traditional law school its even possible these days to find online law schools.  Just make sure that you find one that qualifies you to be able to take the bar exam.

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