Types Of Law Degrees

A common misconception for becoming a lawyer is that you can receive different types of law degrees.  This is NOT true.  In fact, every individual that graduates from law school will receive a Juris Doctorate degree.  That is in addition to your bachelors degree from your undergraduate school of choice.

Now what you do have control over is what your legal specialty is.  Do you want to become a personal injury lawyer?  How about criminal law or even family law?  You may even choose to become even more specialized and be a criminal lawyer for juveniles.  This decision to focus on a very specific portion of the law can be made once you get into law school.

Many law school students routinely mention that grades are important as well as extracurricular activities.  Not only do these help you get accepted into law school in the beginning but they also make you a more attractive candidate when law firms are looking to hire. Remember – All Law degrees are all the same, it is what you choose to do with it afterwards that matters most!

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