Steps To Becoming A Lawyer

Individuals looking to become lawyers always ask the question “What are the steps to becoming a lawyer?”  It’s a common misconception that becoming a lawyer is painstakingly difficult process.  While not exactly easy its a process that anyone can accomplish if motivated enough.   Below are several steps to becoming a licensed attorney.

  • Finish high school with a high GPA to get accepted into a four year college.
  • Graduating from college with a pre-law degree isn’t necessary but could give you a leg up once you get accepted to a law school.  Focus on good grades and experience – these two items plus the LSAT exam could help you get accepted into law school easier.
  • Take the LSAT exam.
  • Apply to law school.
  • Graduate from law school and study for the bar exam.
  • Take and pass the bar exam.

After passing the bar exam you are ready to become a practicing lawyer.  In many states they will require you to pass an ethics test but this shouldn’t be difficult.  Finally you will be swarn in as a Lawyer free to pursue whichever legal profession you want.

While becoming a lawyer may not be exactly easy its definitely something anyone can accomplish.  In the past everyone who wanted to go to law school had to physically participate on campus.  Today online law schools exist to help with being more flexible with your schedule.  Are you ready to become a lawyer?  Get more information online today!

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