How To Become A Lawyer In Oklahoma

So you want to become a lawyer in the state of Oklahoma? Congratulations, we have all the information you need right here.  Aspiring attorneys need to first obtain their high school and degree from a four year university before anything else.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree (no degree is preferable) It’s time to apply to law school.  Later on this page you will see a full list of law schools in the state of Oklahoma accepting applications.  The two biggest factors used to determine ones acceptance into law school is their undergraduate GPA and their LSAT score.  This should motivate you even more to do exceptionally well in your undergraduate courses.

Upon enrollment and graduation of law school all graduates will want to register and take the Bar exam.  When a passing score is obtained each graduate will be sworn in as an attorney legally able to practice law in the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Lawyer’s Legal Responsibilities:

“A lawyer, as a member of the legal profession, is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice.”

Full document can be read here.

Getting Accepted Into a Oklahoma Law School.

Your grade point average in college and scores on the LSAT are the two major determining factors for admission to most law schools.

Popular Law Schools In The State Of Oklahoma.

Below is a list of law schools in Oklahoma actively accepting applications each year.

University of Oklahoma College of Law
300 Timberdell Road Norman, Norman 73019
Phone: (405) 325 – 4699
Oklahoma City University – School of Law
2501 N. Blackwelder, Oklahoma City 73106
Phone: (405) 208-5337
University of Tulsa College of Law
3120 East 4th Place, Tulsa 74104
Phone: (918) 631-2401

Why Is Law School In Oklahoma & The Bar Exam Necessary?

Without a license to practice law in Oklahoma, a person cannot give legal advice, represent persons in court, or handle many other legal matters.

How To Become A Lawyer In Nearby States.

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