How To Get Into An Ivy-League Law School

Getting into an Ivy League school is a challenge not many students want to take. But getting into an Ivy League law school? Now that is even more challenging. It’s challenging, but not impossible.

If you prepare early, you can get into the school you have been eyeing at. Let me tell you some tips to increase your chances:

1. Research on the criteria for admission.

There are groups of people shouldering the task of screening applicants vying for a slot in Ivy League law schools. Keep in mind that space is limited. A minimum of 80% is rejected. Your chances of getting rejected are higher if you have no idea what they’re looking for.

It’s really not just about your GPA although you really need impressive GPA and LSAT scores. Check out their criteria such as personalities and special circumstances.

2. Work on your recommendations.

Recommendations can help you a lot when applying in schools, particularly in Ivy League schools. You need to get recommendations from reputable people in various industries. That said, you should start as early as possible. Work as an intern. Do special projects in your community. Reach out to people who can help you get the recommendation you need. If you don’t know where to start, you can consult your school’s guidance counselor.

3. Come up with an impressive essay.

Essays speak a lot about your competence and your personality. Your essay has to be interesting, has to reflect who you are as a student. It actually doesn’t have to be filled with jargons.

4. Challenge yourself with new academic opportunities.

Sign up to be a representative for your school’s journalism contest. Your goal here is to increase your college credit. Be busy during your high school years.

5. Work on your weaknesses.

If there are subjects you are not particularly good at, you might want to take extra classes to catch up. Extra classes might be difficult to squeeze in with your current schedule but it does a lot of good in improving your chances of getting a high GPA and entering Ivy League law school.

6. Engage in extracurricular activities.

It’s not just about getting good grades. You don’t even have to be a straight A student to enter ivy league schools. More often than not, they look for well-rounded students who show competency in various aspects of a student’s life. Being a student leader, a part of organization teams and committees and joining sports events will put more strength to your credentials.

7. Talk to students who have gotten into Ivy League law schools.

The internet is a nifty medium for communication. You can easily get in touch with students who are already in Ivy League law schools. If you know someone from these schools, interview them and ask them how they managed to get into that school. Get some tips from them. Also do a research on their extra and co curricular activities in high school and learn more about their personality. This can give you an idea on what the schools are really looking for.

8. Prep yourself up for the interview.

Don’t show your agitation or nervousness. A representative from the school or the admissions office will conduct the interview. If you know who the interviewer is prior to your interview schedule, you should try learning more about that person. Some are interviewers fling interrogative questions while others might be more chatty and lax.

Above all, just be yourself. Show all your various aspects. Show that you can be an exemplary students but also one with an amiable and likeable personality.

Amy C. Fountain is an advocate of good education. She is also the owner of the Home Décor Art and Tabletop Fountains website.

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