How To Become A Lawyer Without Law School

Becoming a lawyer without going to law school isn’t feasible everywhere.  However, there are several states that do not require law school in order to take the bar exam.  In California, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, people who haven’t attended law school may take the bar exam after study under a judge or practicing attorney for an extended period of time. This is more commonly known as “reading law” or “reading the law”.

States such as New York or Maine do not require an individual to take three years of Law School in order to take the bar exam.  With the “reading law” people in New York can take the exam with one year of law school study and two years of law school study in Maine.

While it is technically possible to take and pass the bar exam without acquiring a Juris Doctorate degree it is to your benefit to go to law school.  Law can be a difficult job market and not every Lawyer easily gets a job.  Read about how much law school costs and how long it typically takes an individual to become a lawyer.

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