How Much Does Law School Cost?

How much does law school cost you ask?  As with everything else in life it’s not as simple as one flat rate.  Every law school has their own tuition rates and additional fees.  According to the top 100 law schools list the prestigious schools such as Harvard in Massachusetts, Yale in Connecticut and Stanford in California each YEAR can cost up to $50,000.  That’s a grand total of over $150,000 just for tuition.  This does not include the costs associated with living, eating and entertainment.

While Law school is never cheap not every institute is charging $50,000 a year.   You can still go to a top rated law school and pay significantly less.  Take for example Brigham Young University in Utah.  They are currently ranked 42 on the top 100 list and their annual tuition rate is less then $21,000 a year.  That’s just about $60,000 for all three years in comparison to $50,000 for a single year at a school like Yale, Harvard, or Stanford.

Just like your undergraduate education you can spend a wide range in obtaining your education.  You will have to do your research and think about how much you want to spend as a couple factors in deciding how much you want to spend on Law School.

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