How Long Does It Take To Become A Lawyer?

At we focus on exactly what it takes for high school and college level students to become licensed attorneys.  However, we don’t specifically outline how long it takes for an individual to become a lawyer.  Obviously the answer to this question is unique to every individual but we want to outline the basic schooling it takes to successfully become a lawyer.

Years Of Education Required To Become A Lawyer.

  • 4 Years of high school grades 9 – 12.
  • 4 Years of college to get your bachelors of science or arts degree
  • 3 Years of law school to successfully get your Jurist doctorate degree.
  • 3 months – 1 year to study for the bar exam, take the exam and receive a passing score.
  • 1 month to be sworn in legally as a fully licensed attorney in your practicing state.
  • 0 – ??? months to acquire a legal position where you can practice law.

As you can see, the minimum it will take you is 11+ years from high school to become a lawyer.  Now some people take extra time in college to graduate and not everyone passes the bar exam the first time.  There is typically 6 months between bar exams so time can easily add up.  Depending on the economy and your graduation rank in law school it can have an effect on how long it takes before you become a practicing attorney.

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